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Saturday, August 25, 2007

What is eBook?

eBook is a digital or electronics book that can be downloaded from website and read through computer. eBook normally filed in pdf or exe format and easily obtain by online users. There are a lot of ebook published online and some ebooks we can get it free of charge. The price can be ranged from less hat US$1.00 until US$3000 or above depends on its quality and contents and also what kind of information.

Publishers upload their ebooks and sell online because they have certain quality information that to be reveal to public. They charge certain amount on the ebooks based on their expertise and valuable knowledge. One thing we need to admit that information is important in our life. We need a quality information to add-on to our knowledge. We buy knowledge from other people and pay money to them for exchange. This is fair enough because we can’t produce certain information their not in our fields or not in our cup of tea BUT all the time we need it to improve our quality of life.

An ebook showing online that produce attractive cover. The cover is just a cover and the important is their content. Remember ebook is not a hardcopy book that sell on book store. It is softcopy can be downloaded from websites. You can make it as hardcopy if you print it out as hardcopy and do a binding. Anyway, users cannot simply download and resell the ebooks unless is agreeable by publisher to gain you a resell right or re-produce right. Otherwise, users need to keep for his/her own reference only. Everyone should respect the copyright produced by the publisher. Because publishing an ebook is not an easy job and requires a lot of hardwork and time.

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