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Friday, August 31, 2007

Amazing Wedding Planning. Highest Converting Wedding Planning Product!

Founder: Erica Yoon

“Amazing Wedding Planning” eBook is a special and amazing guidance for those who want to plan the wedding.
From this eBook, you will discover:-

- Step by Step to get a brand new wedding dress for less than US$100.
- 4 creative tricks that will reduce wine cost up to 70%.
- Tactic to reduce the price up to 20% without changing the menu and number of guests.
- 3 powerful tips on wedding dress shopping.
- 4 creative ways to save money on wedding dress without renting or buying a used dress.
- Where to get free card template and calligraphy fonts for personalize invitation.
- How to determine the florist dealing right for you.
- 5 common tricks that bridal shops quietly steal extra money from you.
- A creative way to get catering service up to 50% lower.
- 20 ways to save your expenses when book your reception site.
- A website to customize your invitation cards easily.
- Common scams that photographers and videographers will use to steal your extra money.
- 8 proven ways to reduce cost when reserving a ceremony site.
- 5 rules to prevent 99% of wedding scams.
- Top online wedding favors stores that are extremely cheap unique.
- And much more..

For More Details, please visit: Amazing Wedding Planning

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quit Smoking System!

Founder: Pete Howells

“Easy Quit System” reveals the methods to quit smoking. Here are the contents of ebook:-

- The reasons why so difficult to quit smoking
- How to think “outside of the box”
- Understand why you hate smoking and still smoking.
- Why smoking is not a habit.
- Decision making in quit smoking.
- Attitude before, during and after smoking.
- 3 pillars of quit smoking.
- 22 core beliefs why you smoke.
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Easy Quit System

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puppy N Dog Training Secret eBook

Founder: Kevin Lynch

“Puppy N Dog Training Secret” tell you how to stop your dog’s behavior problems quickly and easily. From the ebook, you will discover: -

- Why you should train your puppy on your own.
- Create training goals and objectives according to your dog or puppy's nature
- Quick and easy ways to get your puppy listen to you.
- How to correct your dog’s unwanted behavour.
- How to keep your dog from whining, whimpering, and barking at night
- Amazing techniques to teach your dog to fetch objects with command.
- Secret to eliminate chewing and biting
- And much more.

For More Details, please visit Puppy N Dog Secret

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Movie Download Site

The Movie Downloads” is not an eBook but is a download services that provide digital products to online users. The digital products including movies, music videos, sport events, TV shows with iPod and PSP ready. To entitle download the products, you need to join as a member in order to get access instantly.

There are the benefit and top features:-
- Unlimited 24 hour downloading
- Extensive online databases
- Over 80 million full quality movies
- Download full length TV shows
- Get the hottest music videos
- Transfer files to your MP3 player
- No download limits
- Free 24/7 technical support
- provide instant access

System Requirements:-

Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP & Mac
64Mb RAM
233mhz CPU or better

For More Details, please visit The Movie Downloads

Monday, August 27, 2007

Discover on 1 Click Affiliate Marketing Program!

Founder: from the desk of Switzerland

1 Click Affiliate is an advance technologies and software the disclose the step by step online making money package include:-
- More than 10,000 popular products packed with affiliate code.
- Dozens of marvelous professionally designed templates to select from!
- Flexible domain name - You can use the program domain or your own private domain name.
- Complete FREE web hosting.
- Automatic backups.
- Professional Configuration Manager

For More Details, please visit: 1 Click Affiliate

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Science of Success ebook

Founder: Gary Vurnum

“The Science of Success” is a motivational, inspirational and self-improvement ebook. From the ebook, you could find out: -

- The greatest failure of those who aspire to be somewhere else
- How to persuade the enemy to agree with you
- The secret of matching the outcome to your desires
- How to give yourself an incentive to succeed
- The secret of getting along with other people
- Why you have chosen to stay where you are
- The little thing that you can do every day that will change your life
- The key to competing with others
- The secret of keeping your concentration
- How to know that there are no limits to what you can achieve
- The reason why you stop yourself from reaching your dreams
- The thing that can get you to where you want to go
- How you can automatically get help in creating your dream
- The way that successful people succeed while others fail
- How to know if you really want to be successful
- The thing that is a more valuable investment than money
- How to make it more difficult for you to get out of doing something
- The only difference between you and a successful person
- And much more

For More Details, please visit The Science of Success

Arthritis eBook

Founder: Mark Anastasi

From “The Arthritis Miracle Breakthrough”, you will find out the real root cause for Arthritis and with simple steps to “reverse” your Arthritis condition and regain your Health from day to day.

- Discover 3 ingredients that instantly cleanse your body from toxins.
- Discover the 5 critical ingredients for a healthy body at all times
- Discover One “space-age”, Nobel-prize winning ingredient that hardly anyone knows about it.
- You will learn a scientific discovery that jump-starts your body to do its natural work, which is to heal itself and restore your Health
- Find out the single most effective fruits and vegetables in cleaning up excess acidic waste
- And Much More

For More Detail, please visit Arthritis Breakthrough
Note: For Osteoporosis, please visit: Osteoporosis Breakthrough

Fast Weight Gain System - 7 Things Must Do!

Founder: Shawn LeBrun

The “7 Things You MUST DO To Gain Weight” ebook reveals the followings secret on safely gaining the weight.

- How To Gain Any Amount Of Weight You Want.
- They Make Or Break Your Weight Gain Results through Calories
- How exactly eat to gain weight.
- How To Set Up Weight Training: Reps, Sets, and More
- How Many Muscle Groups, Days to Train, and Rest.
- How To Do It So You Don't Lose Weight though Cardio.
- The best supplement for weight gain

Benefit for signing up the ebook: Get 7 Free Gift Bonuses worth $398.97

For More Details, please visit: Shawn Lebrun Fitness

Bring Back A Lost Love! The Original Bring Back A Lost Love Resource!

Founder: Cucan Pemo

“Bring Back A Lost Love” ebook reveals to people how they can easily bring back their love. The information in this ebook tells you:-

- The important principle could dramatically turn your relationship around 180 degree.

- Why did the relationship turn sour.

- One very jealously guarded secret to win back a lost love.

- The most powerful 4 steps strategy to create the type of relationship you want.

- Exact steps to get your lover back into your open arm.

- The truth and get free from all about frustration and heartache.

- Tactic to create permanent connection with your lover or spouse.

- And much more..

For More Details, please visit: Retrieve A Lover

The Ultimate Acne Solution : 7 Days Natural Acne Cure

Founder: James Quince

The information in “The Ultimate Acne Solution” eBook is a brand new way for solving acne that acne sufferers will not have attempted before. Most importantly results are invariably extremely positive. This product is going to change the way people deal with their acne. It requires no fad diets, detoxes or liver cleanses and no more herbal cleansers or pills.

The ebook reveal many acne solution secrets including:-

- The vital substance in mega doses can cure your acne outright.

- Any differences by taking vitamins and minerals to prevent acne.

- Find out the best world brands of vitamins and minerals in the market.

- Find out which type of vitamins repairs acne scars.

- Discover which foods inhibits the body’s natural defense against acne.

- Tell you the best products in the world to remove blackheads.

- And much more..

For More Details, please visit The Ultimate Acne Solution

31 Ways To Commit Identity Theft

Founder: Henry Tom

Inside Identity Theft discover the secret on:

- The security holes identity theft offenders poke through to get the goods they’re after every time.

- Discover where you’re most exposed to identity theft threats

- The personal information identity theft offenders need for each scam, and how they get it from you.

- The real target of identity theft

- The steps identity theft offenders take to run their scams

- The form of identity theft the U.S. Bureau of Justice rates

- And much more

For More Details, please visit: Inside Identity Theft

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Golf Options: Hit Fairways Your Way!

Founder: David Nevogt

“Golf Options" eBook reveal techniques on:-

- How to hit the longest drives in your group.

- How to develop pinpoint accuracy and the ability to work the ball either way
- How to develop a golf swing that will have others stopping what they are doing just to watch you swing!
- How to recognize undesirable traits in your swing and how to make the specific adjustments you need to make to fix the problem
- How to correct common golf shot errors such as slicing, hooking, topping and hitting behind the golf ball
- And much more

For More Details, please visit: Golf Options

Digital Photography Secret - Learn Amazing Photo Secrets That The Gurus Won't Tell You!

Founder: David Peterson
From Digital Photography Secret eBook, you will learn insider secrets and solution on the followings reveals:-
- What to if you need to take a low light shot and you don't have a tripod to steady the camera
- 3 times to NOT to use your camera's automatic settings.
- 2 elements experienced photographers always look for in nature photography
- 3 rules professionals use to compose their images correctly
- 3 conditions that cause the dreaded "red eye" and two ways to remove it.
- How the sun could damage your camera
- The features of your camera you should never use
- Never place your memory card near this!
- 2 pieces of equipment professionals never leave the house without
- 10 tips for taking winning shots involving tots
- Ideas for making kiddie photo sessions easier for parents, kids, and YOU
- one common household item you should never use to clean your camera
- The most important part of your camera to keep clean
- Five items on your camera that you must maintain
- And much more
- For More Details, please visit: Digital Photography Secret

Make Money While You Sleep - Duvet Dollars

Founder: Victoria
The Duvet Dollars presents the followings:-
- How to use Google Adwards to make Duvet Dollars
- Tips on writing the perfect ads and choosing keywords
- How to get access the domain name even that one has been taken
- Detailed actions list
- The Maintenance Mode
- And much more
For More Details, please visit: The Duvet Dollars

Reveal Secret on Easy Writing Biz for Freelancer!

Founder: Christina McDonald

In the “Easy Writing Biz eBook,” you will learn all the tips, tricks, techniques and secrets you need to know to make Big money as an Internet writer or Freelancer.
The following secret revealed:-
- 4 factors that affect how much an online writer makes and how to turn each one in your favor and maximize your earnings.
- How much you can expect to earn starting out as an online content
- Exactly where to find writing work online immediately by follow these tips and you will soon have so many clients that you may have to start turning some away!
- 4 types of clients that you will regularly deal with and how to get along best, and most profitably, with each type!
- How to write fast and be super productive by follow these tips to double or even triple your output and profits!
- The characteristic all successful online writers MUST have and how to develop it yourself!
- How to develop your own profitable writing system by follow these tips and you will be on the fast track to success in no time!
- How to deal with unpredictable and low-priced markets and still make truck-loads of money!
- 9 types of online writing and how to get started and make huge profits at each type!
-How to quickly tell if you have what it takes to succeed as an online writer
- Tips that will save you from wasting hours of valuable writing time.
- How to write for blogs and learn to provide this in demand service and send your income soaring through the roof!
- And much more!
For More Details, please visit: Easy Writing Biz

The PDF problem Solved

Founder: Jesse Gilbert

From “The PDF problem Solved” ebook, you will discover how to:-
- Create good looking PDF documents without spending a dime on software
- Add the features you want to your documents, such as a hyperlinked table of contents and hyperlinks to websites
- Design your PDF document using Microsoft Word, and get the results you want when the document is converted to PDF
- Add Bookmarks to your PDF documents
- Add nice looking photos and pictures from a practical unlimited supply of royalty free photographs to your PDF documents
- Password Protect your PDF documents
- Simple ways to keep the file size of your PDF documents small so that they don't take 20 seconds for your readers to download.
- How to upload your PDF document to your web host and create a link to it for your readers plus, lots more
For More Details, please visit The PDF problem Solved

The Real Estate Underground

Founder: Derek Pierce

The Real Estate Underground ebook reveals:-
How to acquire real estate without using your own credit and loan
How to squeeze every last dime from profit deals.
Discover how to turn your business into powerful wealth building machine.
How to profit from flipping houses even if you are in hot or slow market.
Discover the 4 methods to selling your house.
Discover 7 steps to successfully investing in preforeclosures.
Exact methods to finding deals to wholesale to turn a profit immediately.
How to instantly "sniff out" sellers that are so motivated they’ll literally beg you to buy their homes.
How to find highly profitable deals in preforeclosure.
How to set the proper foundation for succeeding as a real estate investor.
How to pre-qualify your seller in the quickest time frame possible so that you’re only dealing with sellers that have got a situation to sell.
Exactly what a short sale is and how to profit from short sales.
How to use options to create big paydays with no risk and no liability.
How to “connect the dots” of any deal, so you can smoothly go from acquiring the property to selling the deal.
Why you need to say “screw the bank” and stick with these creative methods to buying without using your credit and without even filling out the first financial statement!
How to protect your deals from the most “unscrupulous investors” who are looking to rob you blind.
Learn the single biggest mistake most real estate investors make when starting out and how you can lay the proper foundation to get started on the right foot.

For More Details, please visit The Real Estate Underground

Asthma Free In 5 Days!

Founder: Juan Walker

Author in his ebook “How I Naturally and Safely Cured My Asthma Condition For Life” reveals the secret to cure asthma free in 5 days. This ebook will give you a clear and easy to follow steps how to eliminate your asthma and its symptoms in only 5 days. By referring to the ebook, you will discover the following secret and get back to living your life without misery and anxiety and escape from frustration caused by asthma condition.

Freedom from suffering of sudden asthma attacks.
Freedom from difficulty in breathes and potentially ends up in emergency room.
Freedom from sleepless nights
Stop asthma at the root of the problem
Freedom from next intrusive asthma episode
Freedom from taking medifications that cause side effect

For More Details, please visit Asthma Free In 5 Days!

Joint Venture Secret eBook

Founder: Richard Quek
Richard Queks JV Secret reveal information and strategies about Joint Ventures including the followings:-
(a) the types of Joint Venture
(b) benefits of Joint Venture
(c) where to source for JV partners
(d) the mindset needed to succeed
(e) the important steps to take
(f) useful tools to use and others

From the JV secret, users able to learn about various of strategies on 4 JV projects such as The Internet Money Machine, Exposed, Zoom and My Discount Vault. This eBook will tell you all the emails usage and promotional advertisement. Some of the JV projects provide Master Resale Right and Resale Rights on email texts and letters templates in running the products online.

There are 18 Bonuses to be given away to the person who purchase this JV Secret eBook. It worth US$1454.95 with the cost of US$47 limited to first 500 copies. The cost will be increased to US$67 after 500 copies and US$97 after 1000 copies sold online.
For More Details, please visit Richard Queks JV Secret

What is eBook?

eBook is a digital or electronics book that can be downloaded from website and read through computer. eBook normally filed in pdf or exe format and easily obtain by online users. There are a lot of ebook published online and some ebooks we can get it free of charge. The price can be ranged from less hat US$1.00 until US$3000 or above depends on its quality and contents and also what kind of information.

Publishers upload their ebooks and sell online because they have certain quality information that to be reveal to public. They charge certain amount on the ebooks based on their expertise and valuable knowledge. One thing we need to admit that information is important in our life. We need a quality information to add-on to our knowledge. We buy knowledge from other people and pay money to them for exchange. This is fair enough because we can’t produce certain information their not in our fields or not in our cup of tea BUT all the time we need it to improve our quality of life.

An ebook showing online that produce attractive cover. The cover is just a cover and the important is their content. Remember ebook is not a hardcopy book that sell on book store. It is softcopy can be downloaded from websites. You can make it as hardcopy if you print it out as hardcopy and do a binding. Anyway, users cannot simply download and resell the ebooks unless is agreeable by publisher to gain you a resell right or re-produce right. Otherwise, users need to keep for his/her own reference only. Everyone should respect the copyright produced by the publisher. Because publishing an ebook is not an easy job and requires a lot of hardwork and time.

What is eBook Vista?

eBooks Vista gather majority of the ebooks and software online in variety of categories.
The categories mainly in:-
1. Business to Business
2. Health and Fitness
3. Home and Family
4. Computer and Internet
5. Money and Employment
6. Marketing and Ads
7. Fun and Entertainment
8. Sports and Recreation
9. Society and Culture

eBooks Vista provide introduction and review to the ebooks and software in order for online user to select the categories they are looking for and helping the online users to save their valuable time in searching here and there.

eBooks Vista served as recommendator for users and helping users to choose the right ebooks and software online.