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Monday, February 25, 2008

Learn to Write A Cookbook And Make It Sell

The "Write A Cookbook And Make It Sell" is an ebook course created by Ron Douglas that teach you step by step:

1. How to quickly assess the market to choose a winning theme and price for your cookbook.

2. Where to find royalty-free non-copyrighted recipes.

3. What free software to use to easily organize your recipes.

4. How to get your cookbook designed and created inexpensively but still look professional.

5. A risk-free method that enables you to only spend on printing only after you’ve received money from customers.

6. The shortcut tactic to get your cookbook listed on Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobles.

7. How to effectively find a the best agent to get your cookbook to publishers and in stores.

8. How to avoid getting ripped off and wasting a ton of money on your cookbook project.

9. An amazing marketing system which will have groups of people eagerly waiting to buy your cookbook before it's even released.

10. And much more

For more information, please visit "
Write A Cookbook And Make It Sell"