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Friday, August 31, 2007

Amazing Wedding Planning. Highest Converting Wedding Planning Product!

Founder: Erica Yoon

“Amazing Wedding Planning” eBook is a special and amazing guidance for those who want to plan the wedding.
From this eBook, you will discover:-

- Step by Step to get a brand new wedding dress for less than US$100.
- 4 creative tricks that will reduce wine cost up to 70%.
- Tactic to reduce the price up to 20% without changing the menu and number of guests.
- 3 powerful tips on wedding dress shopping.
- 4 creative ways to save money on wedding dress without renting or buying a used dress.
- Where to get free card template and calligraphy fonts for personalize invitation.
- How to determine the florist dealing right for you.
- 5 common tricks that bridal shops quietly steal extra money from you.
- A creative way to get catering service up to 50% lower.
- 20 ways to save your expenses when book your reception site.
- A website to customize your invitation cards easily.
- Common scams that photographers and videographers will use to steal your extra money.
- 8 proven ways to reduce cost when reserving a ceremony site.
- 5 rules to prevent 99% of wedding scams.
- Top online wedding favors stores that are extremely cheap unique.
- And much more..

For More Details, please visit: Amazing Wedding Planning

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