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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Digital Photography Secret - Learn Amazing Photo Secrets That The Gurus Won't Tell You!

Founder: David Peterson
From Digital Photography Secret eBook, you will learn insider secrets and solution on the followings reveals:-
- What to if you need to take a low light shot and you don't have a tripod to steady the camera
- 3 times to NOT to use your camera's automatic settings.
- 2 elements experienced photographers always look for in nature photography
- 3 rules professionals use to compose their images correctly
- 3 conditions that cause the dreaded "red eye" and two ways to remove it.
- How the sun could damage your camera
- The features of your camera you should never use
- Never place your memory card near this!
- 2 pieces of equipment professionals never leave the house without
- 10 tips for taking winning shots involving tots
- Ideas for making kiddie photo sessions easier for parents, kids, and YOU
- one common household item you should never use to clean your camera
- The most important part of your camera to keep clean
- Five items on your camera that you must maintain
- And much more
- For More Details, please visit: Digital Photography Secret

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