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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The PDF problem Solved

Founder: Jesse Gilbert

From “The PDF problem Solved” ebook, you will discover how to:-
- Create good looking PDF documents without spending a dime on software
- Add the features you want to your documents, such as a hyperlinked table of contents and hyperlinks to websites
- Design your PDF document using Microsoft Word, and get the results you want when the document is converted to PDF
- Add Bookmarks to your PDF documents
- Add nice looking photos and pictures from a practical unlimited supply of royalty free photographs to your PDF documents
- Password Protect your PDF documents
- Simple ways to keep the file size of your PDF documents small so that they don't take 20 seconds for your readers to download.
- How to upload your PDF document to your web host and create a link to it for your readers plus, lots more
For More Details, please visit The PDF problem Solved

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