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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Jewelry Wholesalers Database Start Work At Home Business

Founder: Jerry Martin

The Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database is the world's largest and most organized source of Asian wholesale jewelry. Asia Wholesale Jewelry Package is a private password to the database that contains hyperlinks to hundreds of Asia wholesale jewelry sources and thousands of jewelry items.

What is contains in Asia Wholesale Jewelry?

1. Instant access to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of beautifully crafted jewelry items that can be marked up from 500% to 1000%.
2. Important instructions on how to import your wholesale jewelry.
3. Protective tips on tutorial explain how to protect yourself against financial loss.
4. Auction instructions: how to sell jewelry on eBay and other auction sites.
5. Free mini site template
6. Free updates database is updated every ninety days free of charge - you will never run out of wholesale jewelry products.
7. Option to earn extra money and get a free web site.
8. One time low cost investment to receive lifetime access to the database for only US$69 (The Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database was cost at $12,000.00) .
9. Never pay retails price because you buy wholesale jewelry.
10.And much more

For more information, please visit: Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Salehoo - Drop Ship and Wholesale Suppliers Directory

SaleHoo is a directory that navigating supplier’s information available online. A lot of people are looking for reliable product suppliers that provide a variety of genuine and quality products online. Therefore, SaleHoo able to provide full, instant access to drop ship, wholesale, liquidation and manufacturing supplier around the world. To get instant access to the reliable information, you need to join the membership for one time payment. Once you have joined the membership, you will entitle to access the following information:

- Drop Ship Suppliers
- Wholesale Suppliers
- Liquidation and closeout specialist
- Factory Manufacturer
- Suppliers From Singapore
- Suppliers From Asia
- Legitimate and Authentic
- Brand Name Products
- Daily Updates
- Lifetime Membership
- 3 Way Rating System
- Fully Searchable Database
- Private Members Forum
- Education and Training
- Fulltime Customer Support
- And much more

For more information, please visit: SaleHoo

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guitar Scale Mastery System

Founder: Craig Bassett

Craig Bassett, a professional guitarist, guitar tutor cum author in his online membership site “Guitar Scale Mastery” to reveal and teach the guitar method in five essential mastery skills. After you have joined the membership, you will be able to learn:

- Scales on deep level
- Use scales without thinking
- To improvise with scales no matter you are on the fret board
- Fee more confident as an improvising guitarist
- Large Improvements to your guitar techniques, speed and fluidity
- Solo in more natural and musical way
- Feel more confident jamming with other musicians
- And much more benefits

For more details, please visit: The Guitar Scale Mastery

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Restaurant Management Toolkit

Founder: Andreas Breitfuss

Mr. Andreas Beritfuss, a Hospitality business growth expert compiled and reveals the powerful restaurant toolkit in helping to increase your sales, increase profits, and to decrease your costs. The powerful toolkit consist bundle of spreadsheet templates, forms, letters, marketing tools, management software, and calculators to help you manage your restaurant or cafe. This is the best valued in depth and detailed package of hospitality management tools found anywhere on the internet.
The Restaurant Management Toolkit inclusion of module:

Human Resources
Employee handbook, job descriptions staff incentive programs, employee information templates induction checklist, standard employee contracts, employee application form, uniform issue form, recruitment sample advertisements, disciplinary action forms, training attendance forms, training manuals, service flow, timesheet formats and recruitment procedures.

Discount voucher templates, marketing promotional templates, e-newsletter template, promotional tracking sheet, sample advertising flyers, bill fold advertisements, data card templates, marketing activity plan template, functions pack, fast fact template, event information pack and marketing plan template.

Business and financial planning
Business plan templates, business plan questionnaire, budget template, cash flow template, payroll budget template, key performance indicator (KPI) tracker and an activity action planner, restaurant buying action list.

Customer service
VIP customer rewards program, restaurant booking sheet, customer comment cards, satisfaction survey, restaurant enquiry forms and cancellation policy.

Cost control
Beverage costing sheet, restaurant requisition sheets, purchase order forms, blank stock take sheets, stock take spreadsheet, stock take financial analysis spreadsheet, wastage sheets, standard food recipe templates, standard beverage recipe templates and restaurant purchase register.

Menu management
Beverage engineering spreadsheet, menu placement card, menu advertising elements and sample restaurant menus.

For more information, please visit: Restaurant Management Toolkit

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hypnosis eBook: How to Hypnotize

Founder: Steven Hall

Author from the ebook “How to Hypnotize” is going to reveals to online users the techniques of hypnotize people. Here are the things to be explained in the ebook:

- How to hypnotize people in a second
- How to build rapport with strangers
- Hidden secret of Genuine hypnosis
- How to create powerful “Embedded Command”
- How to unleash your subconscious mind
- How to transform your life and achieve your dreams
- The truth about subliminal messages
- And much more

For more information, please visit: How to Hypnotize

Weight Loss eBook: Lose Weight Easy Hypnosis

Founder: Valerie Dawson

Valerie Dawson, a Certified Hypnotherapist reveals a real way to apply hypnosis method to lose your heavy weight. In “Lose Weight Easy Hyonosis” ebook, she is going to tell you:

- The tips and tricks to get your weight loss off to an easy fast start
- Decrease your desire for fatty, sweets and junk food
- Stop overeating and be content with normal portion sizes
- Learn to enjoy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins
- Increase your willpower to resist temptations
- Only eat when you are hungry and stop stress and mindless eating
- Manage restaurants, vacations, social events and holidays with ease
- Get motivated and stay motivated to eat healthy
- Have more fun losing weight
- And much more

For more information, please visit: Lose Weight Easy Hypnosis Program

Health eBookvista: The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Founder: Clifford Mee

Clifford Mee is a Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board Of Hypnotherapy) to reveals the secret of hypnosis in 16 CDs as MP3s and the transcripts manual in PDF file format’s ebook. In the content of “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”, you will discover:

- The entire conversational hyonosis protocol
- The powerful command that SWAT teams use to force compliance
- Instant rapport techniques
- The ways of conversation to get sales
- The easiest way to join the elite group of “hypnotic persuasion experts”
- An instant trigger to unleash your subject’s deepest desires
- A simple technique that create amnesia for any objection
- The meaning of subject talk with their hands
- How to know if a subject is talking to themselves with internal dialogue

With above insider secret discovery, you will able to apply to the followings:

- Influence people to follow your lead
- Get more clients & sales
- Negotiate with stellar success
- Get anyone to say “Yes”
- Convince children and teens to obey your instruction
- Keep you lover eternally loyal

For more information, please visit: The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Health eBooksvista: Habit Busting Secrets

Founder: Mark Yarrobino
The "Habit Busting Secrets” system consist of 4 CD on “How to Break Any Habit in 21 Days" and a detailed Action Plan, containing information as per followings:

- Belief system by subconscious mind
- How and when to reward yourself
- Why mistake are natural
- How to leave the past
- Difference between Life Giving and Life Removing habits
- What is the root of procrastination and how to overcome
- How to use your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy most effectively to achieve your goals
- Foundation of all bad habits and how to overcome
- How to engage in a healthy catharsis of your negative thoughts and feelings
- How to take advantage of being a self-fulfilling prophecy
- What is the right support system and how to create it
- And much more

For more information, please visit: Habit Busting Secrets

Thursday, September 6, 2007

iPhone Download Pro - Software

iPhone Download Pro is a download site that provide many features and functions as follows:

- Access to the fastest & most comprehensive iPhone Downloads on the net.
- Member have unlimited access and no restriction
- Free 24 hours Technical Supports
- No monthly or pay per download fee
- Easy software to install & use
- Digital Quality movies and Music
- Huge media selection
- Free DVD to PC to iPhone software
- Free step by step video with audio instructional tutorials to get started immediately
- Provide unlimited download for free movie, TV shows, Games, Music Videos, Software and much more

For more details, please visit: iPhone Download Pro

Love eBook: A Better Way to Date

Founder: Michael Webb
“A Better Way to Date” is an ebook that discover a lot of dating insider secret including:
- The best ways to meet men and women
- How to use dating services effectively
- Secret for developing self confidence with step by step program
- Techniques that will ensure you are well prepared.
- Exposed the most common first date mistakes and how to avoid them
- Secrets of how to make your conversations interesting and memorable
- How to handle Fancy Restaurants
- Secret of the Perfect Gift
- How to Kiss properly
- How to build strong relationships
- And much more

For more details, please visit: A Better Way to Date

Pregnancy eBook : The Pregnancy Secret

Founder: Marc Hofkens
From “The Pregnancy Secret” ebook, you will discover:-
- The sign of ovulation and most fertile time in your cycle
- What to do when you want to get pregnant
- The very best ways to test at home if you are pregnant
- How to date your pregnancy
- How to handle morning sickness and find out everything about sonogram
- Truth about spotting and cramping
- What happen during your first doctor visit
- Truth about common prenatal tests and other tests
- How to find out baby’s gender
- Fact about the Genetic Ultrasound and Chorionic Villus Sampling
- Revealed how much weight can you gain and what should you eat
- Should you take vitamin supplements?
- Truth about stretchmarks
- And much more

For more details, please visit: The Pregnancy Secret

Health eBook : Home Made Supplement

Founder: Jeff Anderson
“Home Made Supplement” ebook provide the step by step recipes with fact behind your favorite supplements. It show you about:-

- Identify 3 best selling supplements in 8 separate categories and cover every area of supplementation you want to explore
- Breakdown the primary and ancillary ingredients in each of 24 supplements and tell you real research about their effectiveness.
- Disclose shocking about some of ingredients that you are spending money on.
- How to duplicate the top supplements formulas and make them more powerful than original
- Best resources for quality supplements.
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Home Made Supplement

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Health eBook : Eat and Look Good

Author: Yuki Shoji

“Eat and Look Good” is a health ebook that reveal information about:-

- Common ingredient that causes you stay away from healthy eating foods
- Cause of dry skin and thinning hair related to vitamin
- Cause of dry skin and acne related to mineral
- White spot on fingernails
- Most important ingredient for attractive look and long life
- 18 super foods in helping look younger and feel better
- 6 super foods that help you lose weight
- The essential ingredients for healthy, vibrant skin
- 5 vital foods for strong hair
- Important foods helping heal acne
- Detox your body with essential ingredients
- 10 super foods that helping build collagen
- 5 super foods to fire-up your love life with partner
- 4 foods to reduce stress
- 6 super foods can help boost your mood
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Eat and Look Good

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Acne eBook: Acne No More!

Founder: Mike Walden

“Acne No More” is one of the health ebook that focus on acne solutions. The contents cover the followings:
- Step by step clear skin success system
- Truth about conventional acne treatment and natural approach.
- Top 10 clear skin foods you should eat
- Simple method to increase the ability of your body to stop the root cause of blackheads
- The most powerful external clear skin secret weapon the skin care industry doesn't want you to find out.
- The one secret 100% natural hormonal balancing supplement that you should always take on a daily basis
- How to improve the vitality and texture of your skin faster.
- The 4 most important nutritional foundations to an effective clear skin program
- #1 most effective way to determine your acne trigger
- Dozens of the best-kept external clear skin secrets of that almost NOBODY knows about
- Finally the complete and honest answer as to why some people have acne and why others don't
- Why no special diet or detox program will ever cure your acne
- And much more
For more details, please visit: Acne No More

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hair Loss eBook: How to Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally

Founder: Vera Peiffer

Here are some Breakthrough Ideas from “How to Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally” ebook:
- How to repair the acute damage to your body
- How to find out if you are toxic and what to do?
- How to find out your teeth that cause of your hair loss?
- The reason why you must drink enough water.
- How a simple exercise can make a difference
- The sugar role in hair loss.
- And much more

For more details, please visit: How to Regrow Your Hair Easily and Naturally

Hair Loss eBook: Healthy Hair Tips

Founder: Tony Newton

“How to have Healthy Hair” ebook tell you hair tips about:-
- How to correctly shampoo your hair
- What is Alopecia areata and psoriasis.
- Why hair loss happen in people undergoing chemotherapy
- What type of fish you should avoid if you have weak hair
- Why many women suffer hair loss and an increase of facial hair after the onset of menopause.
- Why women who give birth, lose some of their hair
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Healthy Hair Tips

Hair eBook: Hair Extension Exposed

Founder: Hair Resources

“Hair Extension Exposed” is an ebook that provide a step by step guide to take you from figuring out if suitable for hair extension. The contents include:
- Test to be taken to make sure you are suitable for hair extension
- Finding the right method in comparison chart.
- Finding a properly trained and certified hair stylist.
- Preparing on consultation
- Take care of hair extension
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Hair Extension Exposed

Diet eBook: Safe and Easy Weight Loss

Founder: Ray Darken

“The Mediterranean Diet” will answer your following questions:
- How to lose weight properly
- How to lose 20 to 30 pound in a month or less
- What is the best diet for me?
- How do you lose a lot of weight in a short time?
- Ways to Lose weight without taking diet pills?
- Is water important in diet?
- I hate exercise; do I have to exercise to lose weight?
- Will smoking cigarettes affect my diet?
- Can you recommend any recipes?
- How can I get the result in 7 days
- How can I lose weight when I work long hours and have no time for exercise?
- What can I do if I want to lose weight but I can't afford to spend anything on gyms and fancy diet food
- Does alcohol help to make you overweight?
- And much more

For more details, please visit: The Mediterranean Diet

Diet eBook: Secret of Losing Weight

Founder: Beth

From “Secret Of Losing Weight” ebook, you will discover:-
- Why you feel deprived on most diets
- How to set and achieve the goals
- How to start your metabolism
- How to stop cravings
- How to maintain high energy levels
- How to avoid psychological triggers that can sabotage your diet
- How simple as drinking more water can help you lose weight
- How to stay on track and avoid eating binges
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Secret Of Losing Weight

Acne Cured - eBook

Founder: Clear Solutions Research, Inc.
From “Acne Cured” ebook, you will find out:
- the myths and misconceptions of acne
- that doctors and dermatologists are merely treating the symptoms of acne
- about antibiotics and why they don't work and should never take them
- 3 causes of acne problem you are facing now
- about ingredient of processed food that you will continue to suffer from acne
- specific protocol that will give you the clear acne free skin you are always wanted
- and much more

For more details, please visit:
Acne Cured