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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Real Estate Underground

Founder: Derek Pierce

The Real Estate Underground ebook reveals:-
How to acquire real estate without using your own credit and loan
How to squeeze every last dime from profit deals.
Discover how to turn your business into powerful wealth building machine.
How to profit from flipping houses even if you are in hot or slow market.
Discover the 4 methods to selling your house.
Discover 7 steps to successfully investing in preforeclosures.
Exact methods to finding deals to wholesale to turn a profit immediately.
How to instantly "sniff out" sellers that are so motivated they’ll literally beg you to buy their homes.
How to find highly profitable deals in preforeclosure.
How to set the proper foundation for succeeding as a real estate investor.
How to pre-qualify your seller in the quickest time frame possible so that you’re only dealing with sellers that have got a situation to sell.
Exactly what a short sale is and how to profit from short sales.
How to use options to create big paydays with no risk and no liability.
How to “connect the dots” of any deal, so you can smoothly go from acquiring the property to selling the deal.
Why you need to say “screw the bank” and stick with these creative methods to buying without using your credit and without even filling out the first financial statement!
How to protect your deals from the most “unscrupulous investors” who are looking to rob you blind.
Learn the single biggest mistake most real estate investors make when starting out and how you can lay the proper foundation to get started on the right foot.

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