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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Health eBook : Eat and Look Good

Author: Yuki Shoji

“Eat and Look Good” is a health ebook that reveal information about:-

- Common ingredient that causes you stay away from healthy eating foods
- Cause of dry skin and thinning hair related to vitamin
- Cause of dry skin and acne related to mineral
- White spot on fingernails
- Most important ingredient for attractive look and long life
- 18 super foods in helping look younger and feel better
- 6 super foods that help you lose weight
- The essential ingredients for healthy, vibrant skin
- 5 vital foods for strong hair
- Important foods helping heal acne
- Detox your body with essential ingredients
- 10 super foods that helping build collagen
- 5 super foods to fire-up your love life with partner
- 4 foods to reduce stress
- 6 super foods can help boost your mood
- And much more

For more details, please visit: Eat and Look Good

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