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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Jewelry Wholesalers Database Start Work At Home Business

Founder: Jerry Martin

The Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database is the world's largest and most organized source of Asian wholesale jewelry. Asia Wholesale Jewelry Package is a private password to the database that contains hyperlinks to hundreds of Asia wholesale jewelry sources and thousands of jewelry items.

What is contains in Asia Wholesale Jewelry?

1. Instant access to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of beautifully crafted jewelry items that can be marked up from 500% to 1000%.
2. Important instructions on how to import your wholesale jewelry.
3. Protective tips on tutorial explain how to protect yourself against financial loss.
4. Auction instructions: how to sell jewelry on eBay and other auction sites.
5. Free mini site template
6. Free updates database is updated every ninety days free of charge - you will never run out of wholesale jewelry products.
7. Option to earn extra money and get a free web site.
8. One time low cost investment to receive lifetime access to the database for only US$69 (The Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database was cost at $12,000.00) .
9. Never pay retails price because you buy wholesale jewelry.
10.And much more

For more information, please visit: Asia Wholesale Jewelry Database

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