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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Make iphone Application Without Programming Experience

As you are not aware that Steve Jobs wants to make people like you and me rich.The magic word is "iPhone.

You come up with an idea for your application. Next, you follow the idea and write down what you want it to do and a rough sketch of what it should look like.
Then, you hand it off to an experienced, low-cost iPhone App developer who creates the App. Afterthat, you submit your new App to the Apple Development team who reviews and posts it to the App Store and you will make cash from your application.

Here is a sample of what showing in the How to Make iphone Application Without Programming Experience Guide:-

  • The Secret to How We Get Things Done - take you inside the App Workshop and show you how to copy the methods and make quick Application cash.
  • How to Set-Up Your App Business - You'll be able to dodge all of the hassle and pitfalls of setting up your business and make sure you set a great foundation for success.
  • How to Get in the App Store without a Business - show you a proven way to get your App accepted by Apple even if you are just getting started.
  • Must Have Software and Resource Links - You'll save time assembling your toolkit of App marketing and development tools.
  • Essential Software to make development easier and faster - Even though you won't need to program your Apps - it's helpful to have the tools your programmer will need to get started.
  • How to pick the right audience for your App - There's a secret to picking the best audience for your App - most people get it wrong. I'll point you directly to the categories with the best profit potential.
  • Get a head start by sketching out your idea first - Get the step-by-step process that I use to capture the best ideas and get them ready for building (This will cut the time to create an App in half).
  • How to get your App built for you - Discover where you can find hundreds of iPhone developers who will gladly compete for your business. Plus, I'll show you the secret to getting a great freelancer the first time (without getting swindled!).
  • How to install and test your new App - What to look for when you are working with your App for the first time. I'll show you how to spot bugs and errors before you launch.
  • The secret to getting your App submitted and approved by the Apple Develop team (pronto).
  • How to market your App - Get the complete toolkit of clever marketing techniques. You'll be shocked by how these simple tweaks boost your sales.
  • Clever techniques to hook paying customers with FREE Apps.

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